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from £2.50 per child per month
  • Mobile banking designed for families
  • Instant loading and regular pocket money
  • Lock and unlock cards from your pocket

Why does Osper cost money?

In order to provide Osper in a way that is sustainable, we have to cover our costs. Joining Osper, setting savings goals, spending online and in shops are completely free.

Try it for a month completely for free. If you are happy, you will be charged a monthly subscription after that. No overdrafts or unexpected fees!

Pricing and fees

Your first month using Osper First month free
Standard Osper Card FREE
Third Party branded cards £6.99
Subscription £2.50 per card
per month
Closing your account Free
Loading Allowance Free
Spending in shops and online Free
Withdrawing from ATMs Free
Locking and unlocking cards Free
Using fantastic Osper Support Free
Saving automatically and creating goals Free
Tag your spending with categories Free
Instant Loads 50p
Friends and family loads through Osper Links 50p
Ordering a replacement Standard Osper Card £4
Ordering a replacement Third party branded card £6.99
Purchase abroad
Some retailers may charge additional fees
3% of purchase cost
ATMs Abroad *
Some ATMs may charge additional fees
Parent Wallet Refund Fee £3
Customer Redemption fee (refund requests received 12 Months from expiration date) £5
Not paying your subscription
We'll always try to charge the subscription fee to the parents debit card when it's due. However if we haven't been able to do this after a month (for example the card is no longer valid) we'll have to charge a pro-rata monthly amount to the Osper Card balance.
£2.50 per month per card
* This feature is only available to those who are on our full product. More information here.

Join Osper for free.

Free for your first month, then from £2.50 per child per month.
Membership fee paid by parents not young people.
Cancel at any time at no cost.

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The Osper app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Rated 4.5/5 on the App Store