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Meet the Osper App

You'll need the Osper App to activate your card, load money, set Osper Allowances and check your balance.

Rated 4.5/5 on the App Store

About the Osper App

Young People, you can...
  • View balances instantly
  • Check your latest transactions
  • Get a PIN reminder
  • View Allowances
  • Receive birthday money and gifts

Parents, you can...
  • Load money in 2 taps
  • Set up Osper Allowance
  • Share Load Links with family and friends
  • Enable online spending
  • View balances and lock cards

Young people take responsibility for their own spending and saving.

Osper gives young people the independence and control to track their own spending and work towards their savings targets.

Parents can monitor spending and pass on good habits.

Osper allows parents to safely and gradually transfer responsibility for money to their children with a secure app that’s simple and easy to use.

Your whole family on Osper.

Manage all your children through your Osper App and switch between them instantly

Secure, safe and in your pocket.

Instant emergency money

Need to get your children emergency funds? Load money in two taps.

Osper alerts you

Receive a text message whenever Allowance is paid.

If lost, just lock

Stop purchases by locking an Osper Card from your mobile.

MasterCard® protected

Purchases are protected by the MasterCard chargeback policy.

Your money is safe

All funds are managed by a financially regulated bank.

No risk of overdrafts

Osper Cards are prepaid – only spend the card balance.

Join Osper for free.

Free for your first month, then from £2.50 per child per month.
Membership fee paid by parents not young people.
Cancel at any time at no cost.

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The Osper app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.