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We've spent the last two years rebuilding the way we introduce young people to managing money.

Along the way we've talked to hundreds of Young People and Parents, held 'build-your-own-bank' workshops, tested lots of different ideas and learnt a huge amount about how to help young people take more responsibility for money.

This is our opportunity to share our journey with you.

The Osper Team

The Sharmas' Story

“When I wanted to buy something I had to ask my parents to pay for it. Now with Osper I can see how much I have and see it increase over time.”

Anand (18), Osper Cardholder

Davina's Story

“When I heard about Osper and its ideals, to me it just felt safe.”

Davina, Osper Mum

Max and Celia's Story

“I'm excited about the prospect of learning, from such an early age, basics such as counting and being able to see money coming in and money going out.”

Celia, Osper Mum

Alick's Story

I'm Alick, the Founder of Osper (this photo's a bit old!).

When I was 11 years old, my accountant parents explained how much money they were earning and spending on me. I was shocked how much I cost!

They started giving me the responsibility to manage this money on my own. Finally, I had freedom and was being treated like an adult. In my first summer job, I made lot of tea and coffee. :)

By 13, I was managing over £200 every month on clothes, tennis lessons and anything else I needed. As a result at 19, when I went to university, I had no problems managing my student loan. That wasn’t the case for most of my friends.

That's why, 10 years on, I set up Osper. I want parents to transfer responsibility to their children to manage more money at an earlier age. From online shopping to football boots, from mobile bills to iTunes.

Let's have young people make their own decisions with money, make their own mistakes, and learn good habits for life early on.


The Sastrys' Story

“I like the fact that Osper is for me and it's my responsibility to look after my money.”

Isobel (11), Osper Cardholder

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