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Why is Osper Different?

We think Osper offers much more than a normal high street bank. Check out some differences below.

Some differences between Osper and a typical high street bank

Typical High street bank*
Card from 8+ Card from 11+ (or older)
Sign up online in 2 minutes Sign up in branch
Get PIN In the Osper App Wait for PIN by post
Support from a small friendly team Support from a large call centre
Pre-paid debit card (no overdraft or credit) Cashcard (ATM only) or debit card
Online spending controlled by parent No ability to control online spending
Blocked in inappropriate merchants Not usually blocked anywhere
Child's mobile banking App designed for children No child's banking app or repurposed adult app
Osper parent App – simple, secure, designed for parents No parent banking app
Invite family members to gift from the Osper App Only from sender's online banking

*Terms reviewed across a range of children's high street bank accounts.

Join Osper for free.

Free for your first month, then from £2.50 per child per month.
Membership fee paid by parents not young people.
Cancel at any time at no cost.

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The Osper app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.