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How does Online Spending work?

We think it's important to be able to make decisions about where you can spend. With Osper parents can turn Online Spending on and off for individual children in the Osper App. Young People can also check whether they can spend online anytime on their Osper App dashboard.

Why has Osper decided to add this feature?

Despite the fact we block certain categories of shops that are inappropriate, we recognise there is a risk a young person could still purchase items inappropriate for their age on the internet if the online shop chooses not to age-verify before completing the transaction. We want to ensure that parents understand these risks and can make the call on when their child is ready to take on the responsibility that comes with being able to shop online.

What can't I do if Online Spending is off?

If your Osper Online Spending is off you won’t be able to use your Osper Card at online retailers (like Amazon and ASOS), on online gaming platforms (like Steam and Xbox Live) or on internet-connected stores like iTunes, the Play Store and Steam Games. You will still be able to use Osper in shops and at cash machines.

What are the risks if online spending is on?

While Osper can block certain types of shop (for example alcohol retailers and gambling sites) it's not possible for us to block individual inappropriate items from generalist sites (for example Amazon, Tesco online or B&Q).

What if I only want Online Spending for some of my children?

Parents can individually manage the online spending ability for their children in the Osper App. To check or change settings, from the menu go to 'Account Settings' and pick a child then 'Online Spending'. Young People can check whether online spending is on or off from the dashboard in their Osper App.

If you have any concerns we encourage you to contact us via the in-app chat or by email at help@osper.com.