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Do you remember being taught to manage money when you were younger?
Neither do we.

Let’s change that, together.

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None of the Osper Team joined because they were looking for a job. We all wanted an opportunity to build something meaningful. An opportunity to impact the lives of young people positively. And in the process - have something that made our grandmas proud.

As we stepped into the world of financial services, we promised ourselves that we would doggedly stick to our principles. Whether that meant overturning global financial policies, re-building technology stacks, or creating a simple experience trusted by young people and parents alike, nothing would stop us from achieving our goal of transforming how tomorrow’s adults learnt to manage money.

Osper Culture

Start with first principles

Ask us about our principle of “Don't Screw Up” and “Change Lives”.

Never stop learning

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Build things you're proud of

Ask us about how we killed 2 out of our first 4 features.

Who are we?

We believe in learning by doing, we believe that what you learn when young shapes the way you live your life and most of all we believe in the infinite power of young people.

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